Looking Back On Today's News From The Colorado Shooting…

Posted: 22 Jul 2012 03:00 PM PDT

With the country still reeling from the horrific tragedy that took place late Friday night at a midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises in Aurora, Colorado, more and more information is being revealed about the young man responsible for it all, as well as how its devastation continues to affect those directly - and indirectly - associated with it.

Two more victims of the devastating shooting have been revealed to be six-year-old Veronica Moser, whose mother remains in critical condition, and 27-year-old Navy sailor Matthew McQuinn, who died after jumping in front of his girlfriend and blocking her from a bullet's path.

Meanwhile, authorities with FBI are still struggling to disarm and preserve the extremely sophisticated explosive devices left by shooter James Holmes in his apartment, which they confirm were "designed to kill."

Holmes was also revealed to have set up a profile when a young woman, identified only as Diana, revealed that she received him as a potential interest from the website only hours after the news broke of the shooting. This profile's headline matched that of his on AdultFriendFinder: "Will you visit me in prison?"

While reports also surfaced that he may have had an accomplice in the shooting with a former doctorate classmate, authorities quickly clarified that he was merely an "associate of Holmes" who had not yet been in contact with police, and had since been interviewed.

This was further proven to be true when it was confirmed that he had legally obtained a AR-15 assault rifle, Remmington 12-guage shotgun, 40-caliber glock handgun, and the 40-caliber glock himself.

Dark Knight Rises star Anne Hathaway followed in the footsteps of her co-star and director by releasing a statement regarding the tragedy, and
expressed that her heart was broken "for the lives taken and altered by this unfathomably senseless act."

Studio bosses, in the meantime, held true to their word and withheld the box office numbers for the weekend, despite reports circulating that The Dark Knight Rises had made $160 million. They also canceled the film's premieres in Mexico and Japan, while contemplating whether or not to cut a scene from the upcoming crime drama Gangster Squad in which members of the mob opened fired on an unsuspecting audience in a movie theater...or just delay the film entirely.

Lastly, President Barack Obama flew up to Aurora, Colorado today to visit with the victims of this awful tragedy and their families, as well as local officials.

James Holmes is expected to make his first appearance in court tomorrow morning.

In the meantime, we once again send as much love, light, and prayer as we can to everyone still struggling to make sense of this all.

Stay strong.

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Gangster Squad May Be Getting Severely Re-Cut Or Delayed In Light Of Colorado Shootings.

Posted: 22 Jul 2012 02:40 PM PDT

And the devastating effects of mass shooting at the Colorado midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises keep rippling on out...

In light of the tragedy, Warner Brothers has already pulled the theatrical trailer of the gun-heavy Gangster Squad from the film, and now, they are considering going even delaying the crime drama's release or even heavily re-cutting certain sequences!

According to sources within the studio, bosses are deeply conflicted about what to do with the Ryan Gosling flick, and out of respect to the victims and their families, are considering re-editing - or cutting entirely - a sequence in the film during which Mafia members open fire on a movie theater filled with terrified audience members.

If not, the period piece may just be pushed back from its initial September 7th release date.

Such a difficult call to make - we certainly don't envy those with these kind of decisions weighing on their shoulders.

Here's hoping that whatever happens, it's with sensitivity and those most closely affected by this senseless, awful crime in mind.

Justin Bieber Is Just Getting Started! Check Out His New Book Cover HERE!

Posted: 22 Jul 2012 02:20 PM PDT

Here it is, Beliebers!

Justin Bieber took to Twitter this weekend to debut the cover his brand new photo-book, Justin Bieber: Just Getting Started!

Take a gander at the Canadian sensation (above)!

He captioned the snap:

"So excited to reveal the cover for my new book #JustGettingStarted. Hope u like it, I can't wait 4u 2 read it."

Oh man!

We can't WAIT to read it either, boy!

Looking good, as always!

Will U be checking out Just Getting Started??

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Posted: 22 Jul 2012 02:13 PM PDT

Sweetness indeed!

Sweet, indie, folk pop!

We love it!

Check out Sweetness by Pearl And The Beard (above)!

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Katherine Jackson Has STILL Not Come Forward, Lawyer Claims She Was Duped By Doctor Linked To Conrad Murray Before Disappearance!

Posted: 22 Jul 2012 02:00 PM PDT

This whole situation is just getting more and more bizarre...

Despite claims from Randy and Jermaine Jackson that their mother Katherine - who has not been in touch with Michael Jackson's children in a week - is fine, she has NOT been in contact with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department!

According to a spokesperson with the Malibu/Lost Hills Sheriff's Station:

"We have nothing further to report on the case of Katherine Jackson at this time. She has not been in contact."

Stranger yet, however, are the allegations that Katherine's attorney, Sandra Ribera, has made regarding the 82-year-old's actions prior to her disappearance, and a strange doctor who claimed to be working with her personal physician who may have set this entire mystery into motion!

Ribera says in a statement:

"Last weekend Katherine Jackson was getting ready to leave for a much anticipated road trip in the RV her son Michael bought for her to watch her sons perform on their Unity Tour in New Mexico, Arizona, and Las Vegas. Prior to her departure, a doctor was brought to her home and represented that he had been sent from the office of her longtime physician. Based on this representation, Mrs. Jackson agreed to meet with the doctor who subsequently ordered her to fly rather than drive to her sons' concerts. Mrs. Jackson followed what she believed to be her doctor's instructions. During what was to be a brief trip, Mrs. Jackson left her son Michael's children, of whom she is guardian, in the care of her adult grandsons. Knowing that their grandmother has never gone more than 24 hours without checking in with them when she travels, her grandchildren grew concerned after they failed to hear from her and contacted family members asking to speak to her. Michael's children were told by family members who were allegedly with Katherine Jackson that their grandmother was not available to speak to them. Mrs. Jackson did not attend any of her sons' concerts, which she had been looking forward to for some time. Moreover, Katherine Jackson's longtime physician recently confirmed that his office did not send a doctor to Mrs. Jackson's home last weekend before she left on her trip. It has further been discovered that the doctor that Katherine Jackson last saw has been publicly reprimanded by the California Medical Board for fraudulent activities and has ties to Dr. Conrad Murray."

"Concerned family members, particularly Michael's children, have since made ongoing pleas to those believed to have knowledge of her location for information regarding her whereabouts. The only reports provided have been both conflicting and confusing — especially those pertaining to the status of Katherine Jackson's health. When Michael's children last saw their grandmother on July 15, 2012, she was in great health physically as well as mentally."

This is all just BIZARRE!

And regardless of what was going on with all of this crazy doctor nonsense, what concerns us most is that Katherine has YET to be in touch with authorities - if only just to let them know she is okay!

We sincerely hope that they hear from her soon.

Those poor children have been through enough - they shouldn't have to be worried about their grandmother now, too!

You're in our thoughts, Katherine. We sincerely hope you are okay.

[Image via WENN.]

Japan And Mexico Cancel The Dark Knight Rises Premieres As President Obama Visits Aurora, Colorado

Posted: 22 Jul 2012 01:40 PM PDT

After the horrific shooting at a midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises in Colorado early Friday morning, Warner Brothers chose to call off its Paris premiere the following evening, and now, out of respect for the families of those killed and injured, they've gone ahead and done the same for both the screenings scheduled to take place tomorrow in Japan and Mexico.

Furthermore, despite reports that the film made over $160 million this weekend - best 2D of all time and third in 3D behind Harry Potter and The Avengers - the studio, along with all the others, decided to withhold the official box-office reports until later in the week.

As Exhibitor Relations senior analyst Jeff Bock explains:

"By not releasing box office numbers this weekend, the studios are attempting to turn the focus away from the accustomed monetary rankings, and instead keep the focus on what's really important -- discussing the tragedy and its aftermath. We can all certainly wait one more day to pontificate on the tabulations."

Very true. What's important right now is keeping our thoughts with the victims of this senseless violence.

And apparently, Barack Obama feels the same way.

The White House also announced today that the President would be making his way up to Aurora, Colorado this afternoon to visit with the families of those who were injured and killed in the massacre, as well as local officials.

We sincerely hope that he can bring comfort and hope to the devastated community of Aurora as they attempt to make sense of all of this.

Our thoughts and prayers continue to stay with them all.

[Image via WENN.]

Justin Bieber's Boyfriend Just Got A Little Bit Country!

Posted: 22 Jul 2012 12:40 PM PDT


Talk about a TWANG! LOLz!

Ch-ch-check out this absolutely HIGHlarious - and ADORABLE - video of Justin Bieber 'remixing' his smash lead single from Believe, Boyfriend, for his Beliebers with a penchant for country tunes (above)!


Wonder if this is the approach he'll be taking for his Teen Choice Awards performance tonight!


Anne Hathaway Speaks Out On The Colorado Tragedy.

Posted: 22 Jul 2012 12:20 PM PDT

Both Christian Bale and Christopher Nolan have released statements regarding the horrific massacre that took place at the midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises in Aurora, Colorado Friday, and now, Anne Hathaway has also spoken out.

She says:

"My heart aches and breaks for the lives taken and altered by this unfathomably senseless act. I am at a loss for words how to express my sorrow. My thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families."

We certainly know that your heartache is not alone, gurl.

It's so hard to grasp why something that should have been such a joyous occasion for so many turned into a nightmare that no one will soon forget, and all we can do is pray that those most immediately affected can find the peace and comfort they so rightfully deserve.

You are all in our thoughts. Stay strong.

[Image via WENN.]

Lindsay Lohan Has Got Jennifer Lawrence On Her Radar!

Posted: 22 Jul 2012 11:40 AM PDT

Attention Jennifer Lawrence and Oliver Stone: Lindsay Lohan is coming for you!

That's right, the actress apparently took time away from shooting The Canyons with porn star James Deen to catch up on some flicks she's apparently missed, and after watching The Hunger Games, decided that she just enjoyed its lead actress so much that the two simply MUST collaborate on a film together!

And not just any film! No, no, no!

She wants to do a Natural Born Thrillers-esque remake of Thelma & Louise!

Yeesh! Is she SERIOUS?

Turn on the news, for goodness sake!

Timing is everything, gurl, and it is probably not the best time to express interest in making a movie about mass murderers.

Might be best if you just stick to focusing on the projects in which you're actually involved for the time being!

Just saying!

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No Second Suspect In Colorado Shooting! Police Interview 'Associate' Of James Holmes.

Posted: 22 Jul 2012 11:20 AM PDT

Well, we wouldn't exactly call this a relief, but it is on the more positive side of news coming from this travesty.

After reports circulated that Colorado shooter James Holmes, who open fired on a midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises, may have had some sort of accomplice in the murder or 12 and injury of 58, the Aurora Police Department have come forward to deny that the young man, a classmate in the doctorate program, is not a person-of-interest, but instead merely an "associate" that they had previously been unable to get in touch with.

According to spokesperson from authorities:

"There are multiple unconfirmed and inaccurate news reports about a second suspect. In regards to those reports: An associate of Holmes was interviewed this evening. There is no reason to believe that he is involved. Further details of this investigation will not be released at this time."

Meanwhile, it's now been confirmed that the AR-15 assault rifle, Remmington 12-guage shotgun, 40-caliber glock handgun, and the 40-caliber glock that Holmes was carrying at the time of the attack were all obtained by him legally.


He'll be appearing in court tomorrow morning, and hopefully by then authorities will have some answers.

Unfortunately, we doubt that anything revealed will ever bring closure or peace to those affected by this horrific and pointless act of unfathomable violence.

[Image via AP Images.]

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